Compliance Management for Cloud Apps

Shujinko’s compliance management platform makes it fast and easy to deploy, maintain, and update cloud environments. Our IT compliance management software is the only complete solution to automating your journey to the cloud. From implementing cloud security controls to helping you prepare for your audit, Shujinko solves for it all!

Shujinko makes it simple to scale quality and compliance management across cloud environments.

Online Compliance Management

By leveraging Shujinko’s compliance management software you can easily start and maintain cloud compliance with a number of different standards. With Shujinko’s environment construction engine you don’t need to dedicate thousands of man-hours and months of effort to prepare for your IT audit.

Conquer your team’s regulatory compliance project management with automated compliance management tools that work for you. Reach out to learn more!

Shujinko's compliance management software makes it fast and easy to deploy, maintain, and update cloud environments.

The Compliance Management System with Cloud Templates

SOC 2 Type 1 today, more coming

40+ components compliant and secure by design

Choose a starting point or environment

Automated Deployment from Container to Cloud

Once an environment is configured, a Kubernetes-based app can be deployed to your environment in less than 15 minutes. Shujinko automates compliant configuration and deployment of the following tasks:

  • Provision infrastructure components
  • Deploy load balancers
  • Configure firewall settings
  • Connect to database
  • Populate key-store
  • Deploy bastion hosts
  • Other pre-configured components
  • And more!

During an update, Shujinko makes it fast and easy to spin up / spin down an environment:

  • Deploy environments in parallel to ensure the app is performing as expected
  • Shift traffic to the new environment and cut-over if update performing well
  • Roll-back to old environment quickly if update isn’t performing well
  • Limits blast radius if there’s a breaking change

Shujinko’s compliance management solutions automate configuration of the following technical controls:

API GatewayAWS service for managing REST and WebSocket APIs at scale
Aurora Relational Database Service (RDS)AWS relational database compatible with MySQL and InnoDB storage engine
Bastion HostHardened host that sits behind the VPN and acts as an SSH proxy for services within your VPC
Certificate Manager (ACM)AWS certificate service for provisioning, managing, and deploying public and private SSL/TLS certificates
CIS Hardening for AWS AccountsAutomatically apply CIS Benchmark recommended settings to your AWS account
CloudFrontAWS content delivery network service that helps increase your edge presence globally
DynamoDB NoSQL ServiceAWS proprietary NoSQL database for key-value and document data structures
EC2 Instance DataDog IntegrationInstalls the DataDog Agent on EC2 instances
EC2 Instance Falco IntegrationInstalls the Falco agent on EC2 instances
EC2 Instance Splunk IntegrationInstalls a fluentd log shipper for integrating with Splunk on EC2 instances
EC2 Instance Wazuh IntegrationInstalls the Wazuh agent on EC2 instances
EC2 Load Balancer ServiceDistribute incoming application traffic across multiple targets within your AWS environment
Elastic Container RegistryAWS Docker container registry
Elastic Container Service (ECS)AWS container orchestration service for Docker containers
Elasticache MemcachedAWS in-memory data store and cache service for Memcached
Elasticache RedisAWS in-memory data store and cache service for Redis
ElasticSearchAWS ElasticSearch service
InspectorAWS automated security assessment scanner for evaluating application exposure, vulnerabilities, and deviations from best practices on AWS
Key Management ServiceAWS managed encryption key service
LambdaAWS event driven, serverless computing platform
Managed Message Broker (ActiveMQ)Amazon MQ is a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ
OpenVPNCreate a secure point to point connection to your VPC
Route 53 DNS ServiceAWS scalable and highly available Domain Name Service
Secrets ManagerAWS service that helps enable rotation, management, and retrieval of secrets throughout their lifecycle
Simple Email Service (SES)AWS email sending service
Simple Notification Service (SNS)AWS solution for mass delivery of messages
Simple Queue Service (SQS)AWS distributed message queueing service
Simple Storage Service (S3)AWS scalable object storage solution
Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter StoreAWS secrets management and configuration data management service
Systems Manager (SSM) Session ManagerAWS service for creating shell-level access within EC2 instances using a secure interface without SSH
Transfer Server (SFTP)AWS SFTP service using S3 as the backend
Virtual Private CloudProvision a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud where you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network that you define
Web Application FirewallAWS web application firewall service that helps protect web applications from common web exploits

Cloud Compliance Management Meets Audit Automation


You’ve recently set your audit date and have no idea where to begin? Start by leveraging the new Shujinko Audit Portal. This is a complete solution to help you prepare for all aspects of your audit, from policy, procedures, and documentation to compliance task management and evidence collection. Audit and compliance management initiatives have never been so easy.

Shujinko's audit and compliance management platform is a complete solution to prepare for all aspects of your cloud compliance audit, from policy, procedures, and documentation to compliance task management and evidence collection.

Audit-Ready Preparedness

Audit 101

Learn about the different types of audits that are needed for your company and the options you have for preparing, implementing, and achieving compliance.

Automated Audit Prep

A “to-do” list shows remaining processes to be completed to meet SOC 2 requirements.
Portal guides customers from audit prep to audit completion:

  • A smart ‘to-do’ list is generated to give our customers a roadmap and project plan for all of the remaining items to complete prior to an audit
  • Compliance task management – Schedule daily, monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. compliance tasks for you and your team members to complete
  • Audit preparation and planning dashboard gives you a detailed look into all of the evidence that you have collected
  • Software-based gap assessments provide your team with the ability to assess what is currently in place versus what isn’t so that you can identify the work that needs to be done

Audit-Ready Documentation

All documentation for the remaining SOC2 procedural controls is prepared for you:

  • Customized documentation that matches what was actually built in your cloud environment
  • Sample policy, procedures, standards or guidelines
  • A network architecture diagram is generated based on the technical controls that Shujinko has configured
  • A narrative is overlaid on the architecture to provide auditors with best practices-based documentation for how your environment is deployed

Curious how we can help you?

Please contact us if you have any questions about how we can help you with your audit or compliant cloud environments.