Shujinko Welcomes 3 New Execs

By: Scott Schwan Today we announced that three new proven entrepreneurial executives have joined Shujinko. Jason Kelleghan has joined Shujinko as our first VP of Sales, Rick Harwood as our first VP of Engineering, and Brett Goodwin as our first VP of Marketing. Rather than rehash the press release, which you can read here, I…

Cloud has changed compliance

How the Cloud Has Changed Compliance

By: Scott Schwan   Not so long ago, CIOs might have struggled to persuade CEOs to move to the cloud. Not anymore.  Thomas Siebel, the founder of Siebel Systems, has observed a major shift in the way CEOs approach technology. Previously the CEO would have been only peripherally involved with IT decisions. “What I’m seeing…

Shujinko — Simplifying Cloud Compliance

By: John Vrionis and Haley Daiber According to The Financial Times Group, 57% of senior-level executives rank “risk and compliance” as one of the top two risk categories they feel least prepared to address and yet, less than three-quarters (69%) of organizations are leveraging technology to support their compliance initiatives, reports KPMG.