E-Book Announcement: The Essential Guide to SOC 2 for Startups

By: Scott Schwan

As some of you may know or are in the process of learning, SOC 2 audits can be an overwhelming effort, especially for a startup who is focused on higher priorities, like building a company from the ground up. However, the potential tradeoffs in just ignoring SOC 2 is that it becomes more difficult to sell into the enterprise without one and you could also be putting your customers data and your own reputation at risk.

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Five Ways Early Stage Technical Founders Can Master the Art of Sales

Matt Wells

About a year ago, my co-founder Scott Schwan and I had just closed the Seed Round for our company Shujinko with the vision to make it faster and easier for CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs to build secure, compliant cloud environments. As first time founders, we were thrilled with this accomplishment, but we also recognized there were many challenges ahead of us — many of which we did not fully comprehend at the time.

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