Shujinko Welcomes 3 New Execs

By: Scott Schwan

Today we announced that three new proven entrepreneurial executives have joined Shujinko.

Jason Kelleghan has joined Shujinko as our first VP of Sales, Rick Harwood as our first VP of
Engineering, and Brett Goodwin as our first VP of Marketing.

Rather than rehash the press release, which you can read here, I wanted to share why this is
meaningful and exciting for me and my co-founder, Matt Wells.

When we started Shujinko back in 2018, we wanted to form a new software company to make
enterprise customers’ lives way easier come IT audit time. Having lived the pain of audit
preparation firsthand for 10+ years together, most recently at Starbucks, – we knew that this
was a space ripe for software automation and SaaS simplicity – across compliance standards
(PCI, SOC 2, NIST, ISO 27001, etc.) and across cloud infrastructure environments (AWS, Azure,

There is a great distance, however, between having an idea and developing that into an
enterprise-class product offering and high growth software business. For a startup to succeed
against the odds, one needs a team of leaders who are experts in their respective domains and
who are passionate, creative, and driven builders.
Matt and I are very excited to have Jason, Rick, and Brett join us at Shujinko – as we climb our
way up the mountain together as one great company and team.

– Scott

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Upcoming Webinar: Current Trends in Enterprise IT Compliance

In 2020, all IT, security, and engineering teams have to get more done with fewer resources. On top of facing a higher number of cyberattacks and dealing with remote working headaches, these teams will have to help their leaders prepare for at least three security compliance audits in the next year.  Without automation, these audits could demand time and energy from teams that don’t have any to spare.

This month, Shujinko and Pulse conducted joint survey of 100 CISOs. The results of this survey outline the current challenges facing security and compliance professionals preparing for upcoming audits.

In this 45 minute webinar, our CTO will break down the survey results and talk through the current trends of enterprise IT compliance.

Attendees will come away with:

  • Knowledge of current enterprise IT audit compliance challenges and trends
  • Current tools that can help enterprises do more with less by leveraging automation

You can register for the webinar here:

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Cloud has changed compliance

How the Cloud Has Changed Compliance

By: Scott Schwan


Not so long ago, CIOs might have struggled to persuade CEOs to move to the cloud. Not anymore. 

Thomas Siebel, the founder of Siebel Systems, has observed a major shift in the way CEOs approach technology. Previously the CEO would have been only peripherally involved with IT decisions. “What I’m seeing now,” he writes, “is that, almost invariably, global corporate transformations are initiated and propelled by the CEO.”

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Watch Our Webinar On-Demand: Compliance By Design – Key Learnings from the DevOps Culture Shift

On June 17th, 2020, Shujinko’s cofounders, Scott Schwan and Matt Wells, gave a 45 minute webinar on their key learnings from the DevOps Culture Shift.

They discussed the impact on the security and compliance community, and how we as IS audit, control, and security professionals need to collaborate through this major shift in the way we need to work. You can watch it anytime on-demand here:

Password: 9K+61W89

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E-Book Announcement: The Essential Guide to SOC 2 for Startups

By: Scott Schwan

As some of you may know or are in the process of learning, SOC 2 audits can be an overwhelming effort, especially for a startup who is focused on higher priorities, like building a company from the ground up. However, the potential tradeoffs in just ignoring SOC 2 is that it becomes more difficult to sell into the enterprise without one and you could also be putting your customers data and your own reputation at risk.

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Five Ways Early Stage Technical Founders Can Master the Art of Sales

Matt Wells

About a year ago, my co-founder Scott Schwan and I had just closed the Seed Round for our company Shujinko with the vision to make it faster and easier for CIOs, CISOs, and CTOs to build secure, compliant cloud environments. As first time founders, we were thrilled with this accomplishment, but we also recognized there were many challenges ahead of us — many of which we did not fully comprehend at the time.

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