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Automated Audit Preparation

Shujinko’s approach is to bring cloud compliance know-how together with automation to make compliance audits fast and easy for our customers.

How We Got Here

Shujinko was founded by cloud compliance experts Scott Schwan and Matt Wells. Both have been through large scale audits at companies like Starbucks, Tommy Bahama, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Red Lobster.

Shujinko’s vision is to be the worldwide leader in compliance and IT audit software by creating the best possible audit experience for our customers and their auditors. We build innovative experiences that simplify, automate, and modernize the management of IT audits.

Why the name “Shujinko”?

In Japanese, “Shujinko” means “Protagonist” or “Hero”. The main character at the center of the story, who makes the key decisions, and experiences the consequences of those decisions. The Shujinko is the primary person propelling the story forward and is often the character who faces the most significant obstacles.

Using our automated software, we help security and compliance professionals become the Shujinko at their company.


Scott Schwan


Scott is a co-founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Shujinko. Previously Scott was the director of cloud engineering at Starbucks, where he led a team of talented devsecops engineers practicing infrastructure and security as code to build a shared platform for Starbucks development teams. Prior to Starbucks, Scott was a technical leader at CARDFREE, Tommy Bahama, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and SAP. He has a background in security and infrastructure engineering that is heavily focused on PCI, retail, e-commerce, mobile order and pay (MOP), and loyalty.

Matt Wells


From startups to Starbucks, Matt’s seen and done a lot. Matt currently works as co-founder and president of Shujinko, a startup building a SaaS platform to help companies migrate applications to the cloud quickly, securely and in a compliant manner. Previously, Matt worked as an engineering manager whose team was responsible for building and delivering Starbucks’ first highly secure public cloud platform. Prior to that, Matt held several engineering roles focused on automating the delivery of highly secure and compliant private and public cloud platforms.

Rick Harwood

VP of Engineering

Rick is the VP of Engineering at Shujinko where he is responsible for building innovative software products that simplify, automate, and modernize the management of IT audits. Prior to joining Shujinko, Rick held engineering executive positions at Starbucks where he led some of the most innovative and critical software engineering teams for 8 years. Prior to Starbucks, Rick held a leadership role at the startup Blue Gecko, and software developer/engineering roles at both Amazon and Oracle. Rick hails from Tennessee and attended UW for his bachelors degree.

Jeff Roberts

Director of Technology

Jeff is the Director of Engineering at Shujinko. Previously, Jeff worked as a Principal Software Engineer to re-engineer the Starbucks mobile payment and loyalty platform into the public cloud. Prior to Starbucks, Jeff served as a Software Architect and API Team Lead on the mobile payment platforms behind five of the top food and drink apps (Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Sonic, Red Lobster and Peet’s Coffee) in the app store with CARDFREE.


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