Automated Audit Preparation For Cloud Compliance

Introducing AuditX™: purpose-built software for automated audit preparation, evidence collection, and readiness.

AuditX: Simplify, Automate, Modernize

Enterprise audit preparation, evidence collection, and readiness is a painful, manual, time consuming process that still relies on shared spreadsheets and inefficient back and forth emails. The AuditX SaaS solution simplifies, automates, and modernizes this end to end – making it 3x faster, simpler, and with 360 visibility.


AuditX automatically maps evidence to all applicable controls within and across standards. View, organize, and annotate evidence within the product.


Onboard with AuditX in minutes – not weeks or months. Intuitive visual portal and simple task-based workflow with guidelines, best practice language, and examples.


AuditX supports a broad range of standards frameworks (e.g., PCI DSS, SOC 2, NIST CSF, and ISO 27001). Built for cloud infrastructure (AWS and Azure) and hybrid IT environments. Multiple concurrent audits.

Purpose-Built. Purpose-Driven.

Shujinko built AuditX specifically for audit preparation, evidence collection, and readiness across multiple standards and clouds. AuditX focuses your teams on accomplishing the core tasks of evidence collection with clear visibility to hit audit deadlines.


Upload evidence once and maps to many controls. Clear, actionable task assignments in language IT and engineering understands.

Simplicity AuditX-audit-preparation-platform

Intuitive visual portal, simple task-based workflow, onboard and begin using in minutes.


Dashboard reporting overall, by control area, and detailed filter views – down to the specific task and individual evidence level.

Speed Simplicity AuditX-audit-preparation-platform Visibility

Shujinko Delivers Enterprise Value

Shujinko Delivers Enterprise Value

Accelerates innovation by aligning security and compliance with cloud development

Saves time, people hours, and cost

Increases productivity and efficiency

Raises security confidence with visibility and tamper-resistant evidence

Simplifies and streamlines execution across multiple compliance audits

Automate Audit Preparation

Get ahead of your upcoming audit deadlines and compliance initiatives. Ditch the shared spreadsheets, back and forth email, and unclear evidence requests. Start working with Shujinko’s AuditX tool to simplify, automate, and modernize audit preparation for your cloud-first enterprise.